Aug. 9th, 2008

by colossusx

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For Brett

by colossusx
These are the words of Rose Warner, Brett's mom.

First, I would like to say, thank you to all for your support and letters regarding Brett. Brett joining the Marines has not only caused grief to my family, but it seems to continue and gets worse.

As we all know, Brett decided to join the Marines. It has been a dream of his for many years. I, of course, was opposed from the beginning. Brett emotionally is not a killing machine and never will be. Next, Brett had a heart condition as a boy that I was always in fear of it returning. Brett felt that he had out grown it and it was not an issue. Upon signing up, his recruiter told him, that he did not need to put it down. When I confronted Sergeant Willis, she said, he just will not be put into high risk or combat. My mom confronted her as well the morning she retrieved him and on video told Sergeant Willis that you know he has a heart condition and if anything happens to him, I will hold you responsible. Sergeant Willis said, yes I know.

Now Brett collapsed about a month ago and has been held in a solitary confinement with limited contact with anyone. Finally they have decided to send him home with a discharge of not medical, but of fraudulent entry. They are going to keep him another 3 weeks as of February 27th, 2008, for they have said that they need to stabilize him and process him out. Upon speaking to Brett on that day for the first time, he does not sound well, emotionally or physically. He was not allowed to say anything, in fact when I called the military a few choice words his drill sergeant was in the back ground listening. Interesting would you not say? The purpose of the call was for Brett to humiliate himself to me that they were going to release him on fraud. Brett was very weak and it broke my heart what they felt the need to do this to him.

Now I am in a dilemma, should I wait until we have him so they can not torture him anymore? Or should I start the process so they won’t torture him anymore and get him home sooner, so he can get proper medical help, mentally and physically? I will need to raise funds to hire a former JAG attorney to get this appealed, because if not, Brett will have grief from this the rest of his life. Not only that, THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

So what I ask is first your prayers, secondly, any suggestions or insight that you may have to aid in this plight. You can email me at And finally, please repost this on every venue you have, myspace, blogs, etc…If you have friends who write for the newspaper, I would love to have a writer follow this story and expose the military in their recruiting process. If you know of a Politician who wants to have good publicity, send them my way. If you know of a high profile Pastor who has influence, I would love to talk with them. If you know a celebrity who wants to get involved, ready to talk. Let’s put our heads together and get justice not only for Brett, but any other person who was misinformed about joining the military, then treated as a criminal because of it. Brett deserves at minimum to have his dignity returned to him, not disgrace. Brett should leave there with the same honor that he came there with. We can handle the truth, can they?

Rose Warner-Brett Warner’s Mom

I know why no one knows

by colossusx
By your's truly featuring art by Bansky

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